<p align="center"><strong>To Resolve Sleep Problems: Mastery Is Better Than Medication. </strong></p><br /> In contrast to medication, which becomes progressively less effective with use (drug tolerance) and promotes drug dependence (perceived need for the drug), the effectiveness of a skill grows with practice. This brief course will give you the tools and personal guidance to To learn to change your level of arousal, and to induce restorative sleep. <br /><br />

The 3 audio-visual presentations below describe paths to restorative sleep. You may follow one or more of them to get an overview of this course.

The Behavioral Path

There is likely to be a lot of low hanging fruit for you along this path. You will learn how to prepare this creature you inhabit to wind down from the stressors of the day, and develop the habits that promote restorative sleep. Developing some simple bedtime habits can produce dramatic results.

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The Cognitive Path

Some concerns about sleep are not valid and worrying about them do more harm than good. If you think too much or have emotional reactions over not getting enough sleep this is a good path for you. This path is a must if you have a mood disorder such as: depression, anxiety, or chronic anger.

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The Trance Formational Path

This path guides you through several ancient and modern methods to calm the creature you inhabit. Developing the ability to mindfully influence your level of arousal is particularly useful for individuals whose insomnia is related to an addictive or a mood disorder - visit our sister sites [links in the footer].

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